RCA: Bangkok Clubbing

Royal City Avenue or more commonly known as RCA is the epicentre of Bangkok’s clubbing scene and an officially designated nightlife zone so you can be assured of a party any night of the week. Clubbing institutions like Route 66 and Slim are packed every night and at weekends they’re rammed to capacity. There are so many options for visitors to RCA – enjoy international DJs, as well as live concerts and soundtracks by popular local artists all in one night.

RCA is separated into four blocks: Block A is closest to Rama 9 Road, and, at the opposite end, Block D leads onto Petchaburi Road, both of which have MRT Underground stations. RCA is too far from public transport to walk so it requires a taxi or motorcycle journey from the MRT Underground. Even in midweek RCA gets busy. However, on weekends it’s overrun with impeccably dressed young revellers, most of them Thais in their late teens or early 20s. The vibe is young, the mood carefree, and with lots of security you can feel safe as you party the night away. Below are some of the highlights.

LED Nightclub, formerly known as 808 Bangkok, is one of the best clubs on the RCA strip with a mega-soundsystem and a range of bass-heavy musical genres played on Fridays and Saturdays only. On Fridays LED offer incredible promotions with free drinks for ladies until midnight. Depending on the time and night you visit, the DJ could be spinning vocal house and chart music, through to the latest dubsteb and techno. As the name suggests, LED has some amazing lighting and visual displays lighting up the dancefloor. The crowd are typically young and dressed to impress, much like those found in Slim and Route 66 nearby, who want more space to boogie.

Opening Hours: 21:30-02:30
Location: Block A, RCA

Mansion 7 Cocktail Bar. Tucked away inside the weird and wonderful Mansion 7 complex on Ratchada Road, this bar – simply titled ‘Cocktail’ – serves a long list of drinks spectacularly concocted by some award-winning flair mixologists. The real show here is what goes on behind the bar. Even ordering a simple mojito or long island merits a good minute.

Opening Hours: 18:00-02:00 daily
Location: Mansion 7, Ratchada Soi 14

Mello Yellow. More of a music club and mini-concert hall than a party house, this funky venue is where to go to meet like-minded music lovers and of course down a few bottles of beer, or choose a bottle from their impressive wine list. The place keeps its concert schedule eclectic and diverse, welcoming all music genres, although there is definitely a focus on jazz. The live jamming sessions are the most fun, as they bring together spontaneous acts between local and international artists.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 18:00 – 02:00 (live concerts start at 21:00)
Location: Block D, RCA MRT: Petchaburi

Onyx is the latest club to join the clubbing Mecca of RCA (Royal City Avenue) in Bangkok, with a focus on bass-heavy house and techno music. While most other clubs in the area close at 02:00, Onyx keeps the drinks flowing until 05:00 so it is always the last place to close. Entry fee is 300 baht with a drink included.

Opening Hours: 21:00 to 05:00
Address: Royal City Avenue (RCA), Block A, close to the Rama 9 Road entrance.

Route 66 Nightclub on Royal City Avenue (RCA) has achieved legendary status in Bangkok for its wild parties and it seems everyone in the city has passed through their doors at one time or another. Open seven nights a week from 20:00 to 02:00, this massive club tries to cater for all musical tastes.

Opening Hours: 20:30 – 02:00
Location: Block A, RCA