The latest attraction in Bangkok is an amazing glass skywalk that would make most of us scared of heights wobble. At 310 meters high, with glass flooring extending over the edge of King Power Mahanakhon, Thailand’s tallest building, the skywalk officially debuted this month and has already made headlines across the world.

The experience truly lives up to its reputation, it is terrifying, but also a thrill. Aside from the glass tray, the new attraction at King Power Mahanakhon also includes an indoor observation deck, an outdoor rooftop bar, and “The Peak,” Bangkok’s highest viewpoint at 314 meters high. Located in Bangkok’s financial district, King Power Mahanakhon is a mixed-use skyscraper built by PACE Development. Duty-free shopping giant King Power acquired the tower in April this year, nearly two years after Mahanakhon celebrated its completion with a lightshow.

There are three levels to the Mahanakhon experience. After going through the ticket booth and security, you will proceed to the “Bangkok-themed” corridor, which plays different animated clips of everything that reminds you of Thailand: From durians, to traffic, and Thai massage. After that, you’re directed to the video-themed elevator that takes you up straight to the 74th floor, your first viewpoint. The indoor observatory is the start of your experience. Spacious and air-conditioned, this level is considered a “comfort zone,” where visitors can take their time to go to all four sides of the glass windows and observe Bangkok’s landmarks from a bird’s eye view.

Another glass elevator takes you to the rooftop floor, home to what is now Thailand’s highest bar and glass skywalk. The bar offers the usual selection of champagnes, wine, cocktails, and beers — just in case you need a dose of liquid courage before stepping on to that skywalk.

The glass tray is extended over the edge of the building. This is where the action happens —  visitors squealing in horror as they step on to the glass floor. That first step is where the heart of the thrill lies. Once your feet land on the glass and you realize that you’re not plummeting to your death, you’ll pretty much immediately feel comfortable lying and crawling on the glass and begin posing for those travel and built-for-social media shots.

An attraction well worth the visit for anyone, even if you are scared of heights!